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…Or is it? As a writer, no words feel sweeter to me, than when I type “The End”. I know it’s not necessarily the end, (rewrites, edits, more rewrites, etc.) but the initial end is done. As in, no more content needs to be added to push the story line further. The story has ended! *cue dancing and cheering*

I don’t know if I’m the only one who actually misses the characters that occupy the mind for such long periods of time, but I do. I have one more book left in this series, but, I needed to take a break and try my hand at a different genre. Which one? I’m going to keep that a mystery for now ;)

So friends, although I’m exhausted from banging out over 11K words this weekend to reach the finish line, I am so stoked. I have finished my second full length novel, whilst holding down a 50+ hour a week job.

Yes, I’m kinda, sorta, maybe tooting my own horn, but it’s deserved! Right?….Am I right? :)


Ahhh!… The Pressure!


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Okay, so the title of this post may be a little dramatic, but still. I am currently working on finishing my second book (Ending a Torn Past). It’s taken me over a year to get to the almost finish line, and with a full time job, it all seems to be coming ever so quickly. I’m excited that I’m as close to finishing as I am, but getting to the point of where you type “The End” doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Edits, rewrites, more edits, plot changes, more edits, more rewrites, read, reread again, have betas, marketing, etc… You get the point, right? Right. :) As stressful as the process is (or at least can be), I enjoy the thrill of it.

Ensue panic for upcoming release day! So, yes, the pressure is on. I have my own internal goal for when I want to type “The End” and start the beginning of the end process. When those two beautiful words are typed, I will dance with joy, cry with celebration, and smile with accomplishment. When I type those words, trust me there will be a post!

Anyone else have a process in which stresses you out, but, in the best way possible? Comment below and let me know. ;)


I. Love. Movies.


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This post is simply exactly what the title states. I love movies. LOVE them. I have some friends that find it boring, or don’t like crowds, or could care less about watching it on the big screen. I will admit, there are drawbacks to watching a movie when it first comes to the big screen. My main complaint would be other people who come to talk, not watch. It can ruin a movie going experience, but not enough for me to hate going. I’m not sure why I feel so strongly about it, but I did work at a movie theater for a time. I know the ins and outs (at least of the specific one I worked at), and it can be such a fun place to work. Besides..FREE MOVIES! (Again where I worked specifically) With the pricing the way it is now, who wouldn’t want that perk. Am I right?

As much as I find that Tampa can be a bit boring, we do have what is pictured above. The Tampa Theatre. I haven’t gone as much as I would like to, but I am making up for lost time. It is hands down one of the most architecturally stunning buildings I’ve ever seen. It has such an old world charm to it. Get this, there is even an organ player before your showing begins.

How cool is that? I mean, seriously.

Recently, I went to see the original Scream film there. It was amazing. It was so weird being back in theaters to watch that movie again. However, it brought back such great memories. Being a teenager and actually sneaking into the first one. The thrill of it all. :)

Do any of you have really epic movie theaters you can go to? Do you even enjoy going to the movies?

I will also add that I am no genre snob, either. I will watch anything. In fact, I just saw Dracula: Untold. It was such a great film. The cinematography, the actors, the affects. All of it was gold. Watching any genre has its perks, especially since I have a few friends who are genre specific ;) Any of you willing to give any genre a shot?

So that’s it folks. I love movies. Period. The end. I may spend too much time entertaining myself that way, but that’s okay…isn’t it?

I know i’m full of questions, but that’s how you build friendships! I dig it.


My After Hours Work Space

Photo Cred: Me

Photo Cred: Me

My work space is what continually inspires me. It changes so often (as my tastes do) so I wanted to share what gets me motivated. I have my “regular job” which consists of 10.5 hour days. But, when I come home to my “dream job”, this is what I come to. I wanted to maintain a clean and sophisticated work space to let my ideas flow, and to bring as much serenity as possible to wind down and focus on creating stories.

Where do you all write? Find peace? Inspiration? Read? Work at home?

Mel <3

AHS: Freak Show….


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Does anyone else watch American Horror Story? Have you been watching the seasons evolve each year? I’ve found a lot of people actually enjoy this show. Most of whom I would have never guessed watch it. I find that, there is something so incredibly interesting about the darkness of it all.

I can speak for myself when I say, as much as I would like to inspire and help individuals, there seems to be a certain freedom that accompanies letting your mind wander to darker places. I know I’ve seen as much when it comes to my poetry. The darker ones I’ve posted of the course of the past few months have been, honestly, some of the easiest ones to write. Hmm, maybe that says something about me?

In any event, tonight is the Season Premiere for AHS, and I will most definitely be watching! Will you?


Procrastination Nation – Ode to Cat ^_^

A fun little poem for today, hope you enjoy!

Mel :)

Tomorrow is the day
What day?
The day I will get it done
Get what done?
Every thing I’ve been planning since yesterday
Since days, weeks, months prior -
Tomorrow is the day
The plan of my life will start
The day I make the firm decisions
Have the appropriate responses
To homework, to my job, to my responsibilities
Tomorrow… The opinions become decisions
The thoughts become actions
The words become stories
Hail tomorrow! For all of my insightful purpose
Will reign with a fierce and burning intensity
A fire – like an uprising – will pierce its flames
Thoroughly through and through my soul
Screaming a burning desire of realities becoming accomplished
But why the plans from yesterday, why not do it today?
Because, my dear…
Today I’ve declared greatness -
Tomorrow is when I will begin.

Wow… It’s been way too long

Since I’ve made a post! I have had so much going on lately and I’m sad to say I’ve neglected posting. I’ve also neglected commenting and reading what you all post. For that, I apologize.


Stay tuned, I’m going to get back on the horse and post much more frequently….


Thanks for sticking with me!

Mel <3