National Poetry Month



April: National Poetry Month.

Hello loves! For this entire month, I will be writing a short poem, every day, until the end of April.

What makes this so interesting you ask? Well, I will tell you! I would like for you all to join me in expressing the written word! I’m asking that you submit poems to me as well!

In doing so, at the end of the month I will pick one grand prize winner!!!

Although I’m not 100% sure of the prize, it will be good :)

You can send me the poems however you feel most comfortable. Via a Facebook message ( , or you can email me at:

PLEASE  feel free to enter as many times as you would like! Let’s tap into our creative sides everyone!


Today’s poem:



Like the wind passing through a tunnel
The faint breeze upon my skin
The kaleidoscope of emotions
I’m forced to feel within

Like the downpour from an angry sky
The incessant waves crashing inside
The menagerie holding captive my soul
Even though I try to hide
You… leave me breathless.

Poem #10…. Dreams (Daily Poems-NPM)

Peck. Peck. Peck.
The beak of the onyx colored bird
Stabs against the glass of the dreary window
Forcing its way by sheer will alone
To make it through to the inside of that glass.
Peck. Peck. Peck.
The clamorous noise taps against the insides of her skull
Picking at layer through layer
Until it reaches the underlying exterior of flesh.
Peck. Peck. Peck.
The incessant repetition of the pointed pencil
Against the wood of the clipboard
Jabs the smooth flat surface
As if trying to engrave its mark.
She opens her eyes to a blank white slate
The padding on all four corners…
The small window in which she can only see
People like her roaming around.
She opens her eyes and remembers
The horrifying screams that were her own
The pecks and the prods on her sensitive flesh.
She remembers…
This is not a dream.

Poem #9…. Consumed (Daily Poems-NPM)

Breathe in, Breathe out
The deep sighs bubble from within
Like a distant cry begging to escape.
The fluidity of the soft stream of air
Focusing so delicately
Skimming on the outskirts of my mind
Wishing, wanting, craving,
The tiniest piece of solace.
Breathe in, Breathe out
My chest rises with each bated breath
Concentrating on the crescendo of my thoughts
Waiting for the freedom that cascades in waves
To be consumed.

Poem #8…. Wounds (Daily Poems-NPM)

They say time heals all wounds…
It doesn’t heal all wounds,
It progressively softens
But never completely heals.
Five years ago,
All I wanted was to fast forward the clock
To dismiss the words I continued to hear in my head.
The words that beat like a drum
Into a hollow existence
The words that became like
The ripping of my soul
Into pieces…
The slash up slash I wanted to bear
On my flawless pretty skin
So that I would know this was real…
The pain I could inflict
To remind me of this cruel, cold and dark world,
Because time?
Opened my wounds until they bled
And all I could do was taste the salt in my mouth
and use that very salt for the sustenance I needed to survive.
Because that salt in my mouth was the only taste that didn’t make me sick to my stomach.
That taste was the constant reminder
That emptiness has taken over my very soul.
Hour after hour
All I could do was ask myself
Was he thinking of me when he was with her
Or her
Or the many hers who simply became a nameless
Cheap fuck for a limited time only.
They say time heals all wounds…
Well I would like to call bullshit
Because all time has done is soften the blow.
All it’s done is
Proven to me how shitty this world can be
How taking someone at their word
Only means you are fooling yourself.
You see…
I was that stupid little girl who believed you when you said you loved me
I was that stupid little girl who didn’t know when you said forever
You actually meant
For just a limited time only…
You see I was that naive girl
That believed every fucking lie you ever told
That naive girl who believed you when you said
This isn’t goodbye babe, this is just until next time…
Time did not heal all wounds
It simply made it possible for the until next time
To be the separation needed for you to move on,
To be that gentlemen you claimed to be,
To swing those doors open for your next victim,
To charm that next girl who didn’t see you coming.
They say time heals all wounds…
Time…hasn’t healed them all.
It has simply dulled the pain from a gut wrenching cry
To a soft non existent whisper…
From the shards of my soul strewn across on display for everyone to see
Into a puzzle of pieces that fit neatly back into a little box.
I gave my open gaping wounds
The time needed to heal
But where those scars remain no one can see
It’s in the insides,
The underneath my skin,
That still feels the dull pulling at my flesh
Clawing it’s way to make it to the surface again.
You see I was that stupid little girl who believed you when you said you loved me,
I was that stupid little girl who didn’t know when you said forever
You actually meant that
I was your limited time only.

Poem#7…. Canvas (Daily Poems-NPM)

Let the stars align to form…
A beautiful painting that I forever resolved to fill
That I owed it and showed it
And wanted to help mold it.
I saw the secrets lying beneath and
I vowed to expose it and hold it
Watch those secrets spread like wildfire
Catching flames at a rapid pace
And the strokes brush across the canvas
As I prove it and move it and
Shove every sensation and groove to it
This painting
The stillness and illness all wrapped into one
This painting
The one I forever resolved to fill
My canvas…
I owed it, showed it and helped mold it.

Poem#6….Chains (Daily Poems-NPM)

The chains that shackle
The ones which disallow you
From having that beautiful existence you long for
The chains that shackle
The ones that don’t have a mute button so you’re forced to play your own excuses on a daily mundane repetitive cycle
The chains that shackle
The lies in which you’ve concocted and distorted to form your own half truths
The chains which suffocate any realism you were brave enough to feel
The chains that shackle
The condensed and pampered versions of what is really beneath the surface.
The crippling fear subjugating you at every turn
Those shackles
The ones prohibiting you from the eloquent freedom you wish to feel dancing along every fiber of your being?
They are you.

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Poem #5….The Light (Daily Poems-NPM)

Far beyond the moonlit sky
The water drops faintly
The slick surfaces around me
Reflect the darkness that enraptures…
Far beyond the moonlit sky
The melodies sound out
The cadences dance through my eardrums,
A monotone mysterious pace…
Far beyond the moonlit sky
The stirring in the distance clashes
A foreign outburst in contradiction with the solace that abounds.
Far beyond that moonlit sky
Was freedom…
Freedom that encapsulated and engulfed me.
I grasped and grasped
But then the light shone through
The light which deprived me
The light….
My prison.

Poem#4…. Tick Tock (Daily Poems-NPM)

Tick tock
The echoes stir
Like a swirling rainbow splashing on a canvas
Tick tock
The heart beats fast
Like the bass of a hard worn drum
Tick tock
The noises grow loud
Like a crescendo in a orchestra
Tick tock
The rushing sensation
Bursts from within like a butterfly who’s earned its wings
Tick tock
The panic
Like a thousand tiny needles prickling over the smooth surface of the skin
Tick tock…
The echoes lay dormant
At rest
For if even a short time
The stillness like a dark painted midnight sky
The incessant sound plaguing the every introspection
Has been laid to rest
The ticking ceases…
And I…am no more.