Broken Are We

We. Are. Broken.
Gone are the masked laughs of innocence
Replaced is truth
Truth that no one dares speak of
A facade we are all willing to share
Willing to be a part of
Broken. Are. We.
The belief that things will get better
The prayer, the faith of things unseen
The reality of everything falling apart
We. Are. Broken.
Ashamed are we at what we’ve become
Once a cohesive unit
Standing united and strong
Having fallen into the mundane trap of everyday societal problems
Broken. Are. We.
Who’ve endured what is behind the curtain
Pretended falsely that everything is at is should be
We. Are. Broken.
Tears slip from our cheeks
Staccato-ed breaths plague the lies we play on repeat
Knowing the breaking point is near
Broken .Are. We.
Two, Three, Four, Five a headcount
Five a lie
Five a cry
Five a pivotal turn in what this all means
We. Are. Broken.
For our tales will remain yet untold
Because… isn’t that what we do best?
A pretty painted picture of what it means
A cohesive unit
What we stand for in our times of woe

Blank Screen

Staring blankly at the screen she realizes
A part of her has been diminished
A part of her soul retracted
Staring blankly at the screen she realizes
All of the lies
All of the selfishness
All she’s tried to give for nothing in return
This blank screen
This cursor
The emptiness glimpsed from passers by
Only she can see what’s come from it all
Staring blankly at the screen
She fights back tears threatening to escape
Thoughts flutter aimlessly as threats
This blank screen
Those she trusted
Those she counted on
Only she can see what is beyond this blank screen
The pacification of the years
The years she thought she knew
Staring blankly at the screen her senses overwhelm her
Passers by glancing questioningly
This blank screen
What pain has it caused her?
This blank screen
This cursor
This realization

It’s Been Awhile…

…And my sincerest apologies for having done so, but, I promise I’ve been working really hard. As such, I have an announcement!

My second novel will be released next month! I’m nervous, but extremely excited, because it has takenΒ a lotΒ to get here. I will also be announcing an upcoming giveaway for some advanced copies, so stay tuned. <3


Jax Announcment


Honesty is the best policy they say
What they don’t utter
Is that honesty is the apocalyptic bomb shattering fragment after fragment of discourse to the soul
Phrase upon phrase losing its meaning when simple things are muttered
To be honest today means to nod along and check mark the box that says “I agree.”
Hold a head up high to represent the most significant of authentication in claims and shout “I am free!”
But what does “free” even mean anymore?
Opinions offending depending impending every variable of existence
To have one at all means to suffer at the hands of the tyrants and yet remain…poor
Poor to the plain of starvation as it suffocated the creativity once disguised as a weapon of speech to be heard
With open ears
And Hearts
This is what I’ve learned about honesty
It’s the best policy as long as majority rules
When you tether along the current and create no waves
Masking what was taught and abiding with the correct tools
There will be no individualism to save
In a land of robotic sheep
Don’t dare to be different
This is what I’ve learned about honesty
Become a silent film and internalize the peep
Simple crucifixions at the hands of selected peers
Only to be dismissed at the next picket line for subjects
Subjects that are trending pending and sending the masses into a belief that their over-inflated stances are indeed worth a damn
In the grand scheme of things
This is what I’ve learned about honesty…
Plaster on a mutli layered smile and pose for that selfie cam



Photo Cred: MLD

Photo Cred: MLD

Smiles, laughs, cheers
The noise filled room
Promises of friendships
Promises of forever
The chatter escalates
It causes disturbances amongst others
Is it laughter, or,
Is it masked happiness
Smiles, laughs, cheers,
Distortion proportionate to the equivalent
Of screams, cries, tears
If he were to look up
The insides of their souls shout out to him
Through the corners of lips upturned
The whisper of notoriety
The whisper of notice
To view them in the light that truly shines upon them
Like a dark smoke filled
Puffs of white sneaking around
Wrapping around the voice box cutting them off from anymore of
The screams
The cries
The tears
The only solace escaped them
Notoriety traded
For one last glance
The upturned corners of all
The painted smiles
Realization hits
These voices, these cries, these tears
All coming from within
Only to be heard by…

Photo Cred: MLD

Photo Cred: MLD