It’s Been Awhile…

…And my sincerest apologies for having done so, but, I promise I’ve been working really hard. As such, I have an announcement!

My second novel will be released next month! I’m nervous, but extremely excited, because it has taken a lot to get here. I will also be announcing an upcoming giveaway for some advanced copies, so stay tuned. <3


Jax Announcment


Honesty is the best policy they say
What they don’t utter
Is that honesty is the apocalyptic bomb shattering fragment after fragment of discourse to the soul
Phrase upon phrase losing its meaning when simple things are muttered
To be honest today means to nod along and check mark the box that says “I agree.”
Hold a head up high to represent the most significant of authentication in claims and shout “I am free!”
But what does “free” even mean anymore?
Opinions offending depending impending every variable of existence
To have one at all means to suffer at the hands of the tyrants and yet remain…poor
Poor to the plain of starvation as it suffocated the creativity once disguised as a weapon of speech to be heard
With open ears
And Hearts
This is what I’ve learned about honesty
It’s the best policy as long as majority rules
When you tether along the current and create no waves
Masking what was taught and abiding with the correct tools
There will be no individualism to save
In a land of robotic sheep
Don’t dare to be different
This is what I’ve learned about honesty
Become a silent film and internalize the peep
Simple crucifixions at the hands of selected peers
Only to be dismissed at the next picket line for subjects
Subjects that are trending pending and sending the masses into a belief that their over-inflated stances are indeed worth a damn
In the grand scheme of things
This is what I’ve learned about honesty…
Plaster on a mutli layered smile and pose for that selfie cam



Photo Cred: MLD

Photo Cred: MLD

Smiles, laughs, cheers
The noise filled room
Promises of friendships
Promises of forever
The chatter escalates
It causes disturbances amongst others
Is it laughter, or,
Is it masked happiness
Smiles, laughs, cheers,
Distortion proportionate to the equivalent
Of screams, cries, tears
If he were to look up
The insides of their souls shout out to him
Through the corners of lips upturned
The whisper of notoriety
The whisper of notice
To view them in the light that truly shines upon them
Like a dark smoke filled
Puffs of white sneaking around
Wrapping around the voice box cutting them off from anymore of
The screams
The cries
The tears
The only solace escaped them
Notoriety traded
For one last glance
The upturned corners of all
The painted smiles
Realization hits
These voices, these cries, these tears
All coming from within
Only to be heard by…

Photo Cred: MLD

Photo Cred: MLD

Small Screen Soapbox No. 4…


Photo Cred: MLD

The Vampire Diaries… I would first like to begin with the fact that I have never seen a show with such insanely beautiful people, everywhere. Besides that fact, because hey, who wouldn’t want to live in a town called Mystic Falls where everyone you see is great eye candy, the show is without a doubt entertaining.

Sidestepping that little fact, and moving on. I remember the exact moment I decided to give this gem of a show a chance. I was in my room, watching TV when i saw the very first preview. A girl writing in her journal explaining her feelings, then a guy doing the exact same. There were very few clips, the mention of the word “vampire”, and I was sold. I will preface that with the fact that Twilight was all the rage back then, so it begs to be heard that this show similarly was a copycat. However, TVD was originally published in the early 90’s, so the vampire aspect had been done long before vampires sparkled in the sun (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing. I actually own all of the Twilight books in the special white edition, and, all of the movies).

I knew whether or not this show had terrible acting or plot lines, I would still give it a shot because, if you can’t tell, I’m pretty open with the types of shows I watch. Similarly, I’m easy going on anything TV and movie related… Anyway, back to the show. I was impressed that I was hooked immediately after the first episode! I didn’t know if I would be, but there was some mystery behind it all, and I found myself wanting to know more about the characters. What was Stefan’s secret? Why was his brother such a complete dick? Who is this Uncle Zack? Was there more to what happened to Elena’s parents? <– All of this from the very first episode!

Admittedly, as the show has progressed (we are up to season six currently), I have grown tired of some of the story lines. I know the three main characters have this fictional universe centered on them, but, The doppleganger revolving door between Elena and Stefan’s unrequited love got boring. It did. I still love the show, and now the introduction to different story lines in these later seasons are much needed and appreciated.

The spinoff of this series The Originals is probably one of my favorite spinoffs of any series, but, I will discuss that in another SSSB (small screen soapbox) installment…

Favorite recurring character(s): Alaric Saltzman has been one of my absolute favorite secondary characters in this show. The brilliant thing about this particular series is, even if you die, do you really stay dead? Sans, vampirism, and becoming one, the supernatural realm is one of the most interesting to watch because literally, anything goes.

Second top fave recurring character: Lexi, Stefan’s best friend. Her story line wasn’t long, but for the short amount of time she’s been in the series, she has done a brilliant job of having an audience fall in love with her… Alaric and Lexi are the two most outstanding. That’s discounting the original vampire family: The Michaelsons. But they’ve got the spinoff, so they’ve done well. :)

Quote time!

It’s cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.” ~ Damon Salvatore

“Don’t listen to him. He walks on a moral plane waaay out of our eye line. I say, ‘Snatch, eat, erase’.” ~ Damon Salvatore

“I’m just surprised to see you here. Art implies culture and well, culture doesn’t imply you.” ~ Jeremy Gilbert

“Vampires can’t procreate… Though, we love to try.” ~ Damon Salvatore

“First person account of the civil war? That’s like porn for a history teacher.” ~ Alaric Saltzman

“For over a century I’ve lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I am vampire, and this is my story.” ~ Stefan Salvatore

“What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward is so whipped.” ~ Damon Salvatore

As you can probably tell, the quick one liners from Damon alone are worth giving the show a shot. If you’re interested, this show too, is available to stream on Netflix. ;)

Alright loves, I hope you’ve enjoyed another installment of ‘Small Screen Soapbox’. Let me know if you have any requests!

Mel <3